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What does the check engine light mean?

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There are MANY different possible reasons that your check engine light could be on. Some reasons are minor and some codes are serious. Regardless, don't hesitate to check it out to prevent potential further damage. Determining the severity as to why your check engine light is on can be tough without a diagnostic scan tool. Even if you have access to a scan tool, reading a code may be easy yet there is more to diagnosing a problem than simply scanning the trouble codes. It is however a great start to scan the codes but ultimately testing and inspecting are always recommended and in most cases required. Some fault codes are generic or broad and some are specific and help narrow down the search for the fault. Places like Autozone claim to check your engine light for free yet don't have the expertise or capability to properly diagnose a problem. We have had many instances of parts vendors selling parts to people in the pursuit of solving the prob…

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